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"WILD GRASS" pastels



When the seeds sown by the wind dress the fields with colors 

Kitchen GArden gallery






Familiar enclosures where the most trivial daily life stands next to the dazzling beauty of Earth's fruits

earth and landscapes



To capture  the feelings and emotions coming from the elements: Water, Earth, Air... 

trees gallery





Tormented by wind, pruned by man, in the midnight light or at noon...





A matchless source  of inspiration, and views always renewed .

Wild grass paintings





Weed and wild flowers, an inexhaustible source for who knows how to watch : paintings saturated with light, where blows the wind. 

Reflections in the water



It was the period of reflexions in the water: Fascination for lagoons and canals, from Venice to Gruissan, until the Golden Horn in Istanbul.

sketches for children Gallery 

With love, humour, Sylvie draws for chidren a real or fancy world, close to their ability to marvel and to spontaneous creation .

  • The boar family
  • The fox family
  • In the magic garden
  • Aquatic pastels 

Event advertising Gallery


Sylvie Berman creates on request posters and drawings for cultural or family events